About Us

Welcome to “The Card Trove”. I have been dealing in Trading Cards for 25 years & have established a reputation of reliability, honesty & excellent customer service.

I have collected cards for over 40 years and my love of the hobby started when my grand parents saved Brooke Bond PG Tips Tea Cards for me in the early 1970’s. Then came Topps Star Wars cards in 1977. I was so hooked, that I’d squeeze under a hedge at School to buy them from the local shop before the other kids had a chance to.

In 1994, after graduating from University & having had a lengthy teenage pause from the hobby, I attended a Doctor Who Convention to meet Jon Pertwee (My Doctor – “Who” fans know what I mean!). I bought a few packs of Cornerstone Doctor Who Series 1 there, & that was the start of serious collecting, but also the start of selling spare cards at trade fairs and conventions.

My daughter “Amy” was born in 1999 and my son “Luke” in 2002 and many of you will know me as “amyluke46” on e-bay. Having children halted my collecting but also made me decide to make a full time business of my hobby, and sadly that meant my vast collection suddenly became stock!

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, its to show that I truly understand the hobby, the nostalgia and what collectors want. All of my cards are genuine and in mint / near mint condition. They come from a smoke free home, they are pack fresh and are stored in soft sleeves, top loaders & ultra pro pages. My stock is extensive and you can buy with complete confidence as to the authenticity and condition of my trading & collectable card game cards.

All of the cards listed are available for trading. That’s an important aspect of the hobby, but please remember that this is my living and I need to make a margin on any trades.

I also have a lot of stock not yet listed on the website, so please send a wants list because we may have the cards you are looking for.

I invite you all to “Build your collection with us”